Disinfect apartment for rent: Key to impeccable cleaning

Disinfect apartment for rent: Key to impeccable cleaning

Disinfecting an apartment for rent is one of the main concerns of those who have a property that they want to advertise for rent, as well as for those who are going to enter what will be their new home. 

If this is your case, at SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we offer you the keys to achieving your goals, guiding you with the indicated products and all the existing alternatives that, as a professional cleaning company, we know and make available to you.

Why is it so important to disinfect an apartment that is going to be rented again?

When entering a home intending to rent it for a long time, the future owners, besides considering the lighting, the furniture, or the number of rooms available, will pay great attention to its cleanliness.

With a short-term rental property, we have a protocol for cleaning a tourist apartment, which will be the best option for tenants to feel comfortable and recommend it on the websites where they advertise.

Well, a clean and tidy space gives a very positive feeling, since it looks more spacious, has a pleasant smell that invites you to stay in it, and is even much newer than it can really be. 

Besides these reasons, we must not ignore the great concern about viruses that can cause serious illness, such as COVID-19, in order to avoid contagion.

For which we offer our Ozone cleaning service, without a doubt the safest option to eliminate any virus, germs, bacteria or unpleasant odors, from any type of closed cabin, as it purifies and disinfects the air.

Regardless of the rental offer, what is unquestionable is that disinfection must be carried out both for safety and hygiene reasons, as well as to generate greater well-being for its tenants.

How to disinfect my house if it has been rented?

Your tenants’ rental contract has ended, the house is unoccupied, and it’s time to do a deep cleaning. How can I disinfect my rental house? What guidelines should we follow?

The most important thing is to carry out a disinfection work that covers all the rooms and, of course, that it is efficient since each corner of your house requires different products, utensils, and specific machinery with which to obtain the desired results.

For this, SCS Group Cleaning Solution provides you with a series of tips that you can carry out and you should consider when it is your turn to clean and disinfect your house after having been rented.

Disinfection of bathrooms and kitchen

The disinfection of bathrooms and kitchens in rental flats is especially delicate since the vast majority of bacteria that can be found in any home settle in both rooms.

Whether the walls are made of tiles, our recommendation is to clean it with a steam machine if you have one, since besides leaving them shiny, it quickly eliminates any type of microorganism. If you do not have this, another option is to use warm water with baking soda (for one liter of water, three cups of baking soda), rub the walls with a cloth, and let them dry. 

Besides the walls, with bathrooms, it is necessary to deepen the cleaning (with bathrooms) of the toilet, the bathtub or the shower, the sink, and the bidet. It is best to use a product shown for these pieces, which contains bleach and neutral soap. We can also use Ammonia with detergent, in fact, it will give them more shine. To achieve the desired effect, use a sponge scourer where we will pour the product, rub the pieces with the help of warm water and dry them very well with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning Solution

In SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we do not ignore the taps, which are usually dirty due to the excess of lime in the water, with an anti-lime detergent and a special scourer that does not scratch. They will be spotless.

As for the kitchen furniture, the first step is to apply grease. Remove the liquid, let it act for half an hour, and rub the furniture with a damp cloth, thus removing the remains of grease.

For the care of wood, it is advisable to use liquid soap for wood, apply it with a damp cloth and then dry it very well, since humidity is not favorable for wood or for bacteria.

Disinfection of sofas and other textiles

When we talk about disinfecting sofas and other textiles, we include curtains, cushion covers, blankets, sheets, duvets, down jackets, rugs, towels, and, of course, the fabric of the sofa.

If the fabric of the sofa has removable covers. We recommend washing it in the washing machine with very hot water or colored or white bleach, depending on the tone of the fabric. If you have a dryer, this will help eliminate mites and microorganisms.

As for the rest of the textiles, we can do the same, as long as they allow it.

The rugs, however, need a deeper cleaning. First, we recommend vacuuming and then, with ammonia diluted in water, rub with a brush to get optimal disinfection.

How to disinfect the floor of your apartment for rent?

To disinfect the floor of your rental apartment, in most cases, the most suitable disinfectant product is bleach. Although depending on the type of floor. We will have to choose another product since not all of them admit it. As with parquet or imitation wood, laminate flooring.

In these cases, in the market, you can find soapy liquids shown for it. Do not forget to pass the mop well-wrung as moisture can deteriorate this type of floor.

However, the use of hot water is very important and helps disinfection in both cases.

Disinfection of other elements

The disinfection of other elements such as glass, plugs, switches… etc. is also very important. Each room requires certain care, and it is very important not to leave any corner that needs disinfection as well.

With crystals, we must pay attention to cleaning both inside and out. Applying ammonia diluted in water and using a microfiber cloth that does not leave traces of lint. In this way, they will be perfect and disinfected.

The telephone to open the door, the plugs, doorknobs, and cabinets also need some disinfection.  You can do it with sprayed alcohol and dry them well with a cloth to remove traces of stains.

These are some guidelines that we follow at SCS Group Cleaning as a professional rental flat cleaning and disinfection company.

Whether you are an owner who is going to rent your home. If you are a new tenant and want to have the peace of mind of moving into a disinfected place. You can count on our company to perform an optimal cleaning service.

As you have been able to read throughout the article, it is a meticulous job that requires time and knowledge to achieve the best results for Disinfect apartment.

Therefore, if you need us to deal with the cleaning of tourist apartments you own, long-term rental homes, or the cleaning and disinfection of your new rented home, contact us.