How Long Should Your Beard Be Before You Start Using Beard Products?

How Long Should Your Beard Be Before You Start Using Beard Products?

Beard is regular, and it happens with the hormonal change in your body. By the passing time, during the teenage years, when testosterone starts to increase, puberty hits, and it produces beards in the male body. 

Though beards are grown with hormonal changes, some boys want to grow their beards thicker and longer. Some of you may have been blessed with a genetically thick and long beard. 

But what about those who are not blessed with that? 

Well, you can still grow them with the help of beard growth oil. Popular brands like Mancode have come up with their best beard oils to help you get your dreamy beard. And if you add some exercise and a good diet, no one can beat you from growing the type of beard you want.

Vitamin-B complex, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-c, Vitamin-E, Zinc, and Proteins are essential nutrients for your body to grow a beard. Balance them with your diet and keep following a healthy lifestyle with herbal, harmless products.

However, there are so many FAQs about growing beards and so many myths by which people are afraid to grow their beards and overthink before starting or using anything.

One of the most asked questions regarding beard growth is, ‘how long our beard should be before we start using any products?’

The good news is that there is no particular beard length limit you need to start with beard care.

It’s never too early to start with. As the beard is grown on our face, keep in mind while using any product on your face because you are applying that on your face too. So try to avoid using hair care products like hair shampoo or oil. 

It will sound silly to expect your beard to grow while using hair care products daily on your face, and it can only worsen daily.

If you want changes, you have to take steps to make changes. 

Invest your time and knowledge in reading blogs and watching videos on the internet. Mancode has amazing blogs to help you gain an understanding of beard and grooming. They have excellent beard oil, beard growth oil, face and beard wash, and other products related to men’s health and beauty.  

How to choose the right product?

So many of you are unaware of the proper routine and the products you need for your beard. Here we will give you some tips. Take out your pen and paper and note down.

Face wash: as I said, you need to take care of your skin first to grow your beard correctly. So first, try to use a maximum of two times a day with a chemical-free face wash to control extra oil and remove dirt from your face. This will keep your skin fresh and smooth every day and keep you away from acne and germs. Do not over-wash the beginning. Keep in between two to three times, don’t go over that. Then your skin might feel dry. Then it will worsen the situation rather than do good. Men have harsh skin tissues compared to women and babies, so over-washing can cause dry skin, leading to skin allergies, patchy skin, itchiness, and flaky skin. 

Moisturization: if you have oily skin or your skin gets oily during summer, don’t think that you don’t need any moisturizer to protect your skin. This is the biggest myth. Lack of moisturizer will lead your skin to produce more oil to hydrate, and you will end up having more fat and acne on your face with clogged pores.

Use a good moisturizer to keep the balance. Choose moisturizer according to your skin type. Use a gel-based moisturizer for oily/combination skin and a cream moisturizer for normal/dry skin. 

Sunscreen: lock the protection with a good SPF sunscreen every day. Even after you are in your home, don’t try to avoid sunscreens in winters. 

Cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen are the base for healthy skin, which will lead to a healthy beard. Now we will talk about the products, especially for the beards.

Beard products

The most crucial product is beard oil to grow and care for the beard. 

Now there are two types of beard oil. The one who will nourish the skin and beard and keep the moisture locked. And the other is beard growth oil. This will not only do the job of beard oil but also help your beard grow from its roots. 

You can use a face wash specially designed for bearded men. They are two in a bottle, which will help to get rid of oil and dirt and take care of the beards.

Not all brands are trustworthy here, and some of them are just a waste of money and time. And they used toxins and chemicals for their products. But brands like Mancode will win your trust here. 

Not only for the sake of your beards but for the sake of yourself, you always need to take care of your health and maintain a hygiene care routine. This leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle and keeps away so many diseases.

However, start your beard care routine from the day you see tiny hairs on your face, which will help you maintain the structure from day one.

We hope this blog has got your back

Best of luck with your beard-growing journey.