10 Things you must not miss in Venice, Italy

10 Things you must not miss in Venice, Italy

The whole of Venice is stunning and home to many historical and cultural wonders. Ask any tour operator for information about the best places and things to do in Venice. They will most likely hand you a long leaflet with 50+ must-see attractions. However, not all 50+ attractions are a must-see when booking a plane ticket to Venice. Many of them are tourist traps.

Here are my top 10 must-do things. These are listed so you can start your tour from the city’s center (Piazza San Marco) and then move on to the surrounding destinations and Islands when you book cheap plane tickets to Venice with Alaska airlines.

  1. Visit Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) & Basilica, Venice

Piazza San Marco, also known as St. Mark’s Square in English, is the central square of Venice. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful squares. St. Mark’s Basilica is undoubtedly the most important, with its shining mosaic domes in the shape of onions taking the majority of the credit. Other highlights include the 300-foot Campanile tower, Doge’s Palace, and other landmarks. 

The square is huge but still keeps you engaged with many orchestras, events, and of course, restaurants/eat-outs. It is a must-see. But, it is also one of the most crowded. Tip: Don’t let the people trick you into feeding the pigeons there. They will expect their money back. You’ll be fined for feeding birds here. When you opt for a Venice flight ticket booking with us, you will get exciting discounts on each booking. 

 2. Enjoy a boat ride on Canal Grande, also known as the Grand Canal

Is there anything that hasn’t been saying about this attraction already? This is what makes Venice so iconic. It’s like not seeing the Eiffel Tower when visiting Paris if your Grand Canal boat ride is missing. It’s expensive to ride a Gondola. Take a Traghetto or Vaporetto to enjoy Venice’s quiet side. It is an incredible experience. It’s something you should try while booking a plane ticket to Venice.

3. Climb San Marco Campanile

Book a cheap flight to Venice with United Airlines to visit the Campanile, also known as the Bell Tower, which was once a lighthouse in the 10th Century. It is now a panoramic watchtower. The stunning views over Venice and the surrounding Islands can be enjoyed from the 300-foot-high summit.

It is one of Venice’s most iconic landmarks, but many people miss it due to the long lines at the entrance. So book your cheap ticket to Venice and book the ticket to San Marco Campanile. 

4. Palazzo Ducale is worth a visit in Venice

Doge’s Palace is another Venetian Gothic architectural wonder, and it’s located on St. Mark’s Square. This was where the Doge, the king, resided. This was the residence of the Doge (the president/king) when Venice was an independent country known as the “Republic of Venice”. Today, the museum displays cultural, architectural, and sculptural artifacts of different periods.

5. Learn more about Ponte de Sospir, the Bridge of Sighs

This historic limestone bridge links the Venice lethal prison to the Doge’s Palace court-judgment area. This “Bridge of Sighs”, the view of Venice from which convicts could see, was the last one before their death or long imprisonment. Book a cheap air ticket to Venice to have a look at this lethal prison.

The Venetian lords believed that the prisoners would “sigh” at the final view of Venice through the window before being taken to their cells. They named it Ponte de Sospir, which translates to “Bridge of Sighs”. 

6. Shop at Rialto Market for “Window”

Rialto Market is always crowded with people. Although this isn’t a tourist attraction, it is a great place to experience authentic Venice. Book a flight to Venice at an affordable price so that you can find everything from fresh fish to fruits, vegetables, and more. There are many souvenir shops, jewelers, and authentic glassworks from the nearby Murano Islands.

7. Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute

Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute has been regarded as one of Europe’s most beautiful and centrally located churches.

More than a million wood piles were placed under its foundation to balance its weight. It is a beautiful place to visit if architecture or art lovers.

8. Murano Glass-Blowing Demonstration

The Murano Glass Factory is a must-see while in Venice. The Authentic Glassworks in Murano are world-famous. They date back to the 8th Century when the Romans created glass to make illuminated bathhouses. You can book a flight for Venice with Delta Airlines to have a look at this great bathhouse.

Many “free” glass blowing demonstrations are available on Murano Island. If you are looking for souvenirs made of glass, make sure to do your research. Otherwise, you might be tempted by fakes made in China.

9. Explore the streets of Burano, a colorful city

These colorful houses may have been featured in wallpapers and photos, but you know they are from Burano Island. Burano Island will bring out the photographer in you! It is located approximately 40 minutes from the city center.

Burano’s fishers used bright colors to paint their homes so they could be seen even in the dark. The government regulates the tradition, perhaps for tourism. Surprised to learn that residents must get permission from the government to change the color of their walls. Book a plane ticket to Venice and enjoy the street of Burano. 

10. Relax at Lido Beaches in Venice

Lido, another beautiful island in Venice’s lagoon, is known for its beaches and recreation/sport activities. It also hosts the Venice Film Festival. You can walk along the main street of Lido, passing many shops and restaurants, before you stop at the beautiful beaches. This place is not well-known, but it is very tranquil and peaceful. I would highly recommend visiting Lido Beaches when you book plane tickets with Alaska Airlines


That brings me to the conclusion of my Top-10 Unmissable Things to Do in Venice. I would suggest you visit Venice and enjoy the trip with your family and friends.