What Kind Of AC Ducting You Need For Central Air Conditioning

What Kind Of AC Ducting You Need For Central Air Conditioning

Do you need to build a vent for the central air conditioning units but aren’t sure which one to choose? Or are you seeking expert air duct clean-up but aren’t familiar with the type of duct you have in the houses? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ll walk you through the many sorts of ducts and how we can assist you in clearing them properly.

Types of Ductworks

Flexible Ducting

This ducting is formed of a steel loop of wire with a flexible plastic covering. Glass wool is used as insulation material in the adjustable air duct. However, you can use alternative materials such as polyethylene or conductive PET. Flexible ductwork is usually in the shape of a cube, with no curves or angles. If you’re short on room, the home most likely features a bendable air duct.

Rigid Ductwork

Rigid ducting is available in many different forms, lengths, and substances. Professionals can design a stiff duct to meet the requirements of the customer. These are tough, dependable, secure, and long-lasting. The following are some examples of rigid air ducts:

1. Sheet Metal

Such ductwork is typically made of galvanized aluminum or other metal. However, specialists prefer aluminum due to its lightness and ease of maintenance. Moreover, the greatest part about metal sheet ducts is that you won’t have to worry about harmful bacteria and overgrowth because both substances are non-porous and prevent mold from growing in air ducts.

2. Ducts with a Fiberglass Lining

You can also use fiberglass to insulate rigid ducts. These ducts are similar to metal ductwork but have a fiberglass coating on the inside or outside. As fiberglass ducting these are popular in industrial spaces and office buildings. You can muffle the noise of the air conditioner by using lined air ducts.

However, fiberglass-lined ducts are not suggested since they can degrade and discharge minute fiberglass pollutants into the air. Prolonged exposure to such fiberglass fragments can cause major health problems such as asthma and other respiratory problems. Furthermore, fiberglass is naturally porous, allowing mold and germs to thrive. Cleaning fiberglass-lined air ducts can be tough. Dryer vent cleaning Buford can help in this situation.

3. Fiberboard Ducts

Fiberboard comprises compressing fiberglass that has a resin-bond and then coated with a foil layer. The coating is useful to protect it from moisture. 

Because it has protection, people use a fiberboard air vent commonly for central air conditioning or heating systems. Professionals do not advise venting such air ducts, like the fiberglass coated ones, since they can harbor mold and microorganisms.

Which One Is The Most Effective

Even though there are various varieties of ducting on the marketplace, sheet metal is the most suggested since it is non-porous and therefore does not permit mold or germs to grow in the ventilation ducts. Sheet metal ducting can also help you avoid the health dangers associated with fiberglass air ducts.

To maintain the indoor environmental quality in great condition, remember to clean your ducting unit regularly. If you’re unsure when to clean them, check online about how often you should get air duct repair and replacement Buford service to learn more. A flexible air duct is a great option if you have limited room in your home. This kind of duct will save you room while also allowing you to move the ducts back and forth.

How a Professional Can Assist You in Cleaning All Forms of Ductwork

An expert should always maintain ducts because they are fragile. The specialists are excellent for duct cleaning since they have the experience, knowledge, and instruments to clean your air ducts thoroughly.

Trained Staff

Specialists ensure that the employees receive prompt and efficient training to provide the clients with an experience that exceeds their expectations. Their crew have great skills in cleaning various types of air ducts so that you may choose us with confidence. They also keep their personnel updated on the latest duct cleaning processes to ensure that they can deliver the greatest service to our customers.

Cleaning All Types of Air Ducts

Many people have earned a name for themselves in the market; their team has high skills and is knowledgeable in cleaning all air ducts. They’re the company you’ll need to clean any ducting, including galvanized steel, fiberglass, and bendable ducts.

Test for Duct Leakage

They not only deliver what you pay for, but they go above and beyond. A complimentary duct leakage test is free with every dryer vent cleaning procedure.

Duct leakage wastes approximately thirty percent of every dollar spent on the central air conditioning or heating systems. But do not be concerned when hiring us; we provide a comprehensive duct leakage inspection. So, technically, we don’t only assist you with the money you pay, but we go above and beyond.

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