Top 6 Most Popular Flipbook Animation Makers for Publishers

Top 6 Most Popular Flipbook Animation Makers for Publishers


The trend of creating flipbooks has grown tremendously and with time this trend has also evolved. Because in the last few years, many tools and software are introduced to create digital flipbook animation. And these flipbooks are not just used for art practice. They are also used by different types of professionals like teachers and publishers etc. And there are also tools available that convert images into flipbooks animation. And because many tools are available so we have selected some of the best platforms for flipbook animation.

 Why Flipbook Animation is Popular?

1) Less things required:

Other types of animations require high knowledge and skill to create even 2d video animators. And you have to practice and work extremely hard to reach your final product. While for the creation of a flipbook or flipbook creation. A bunch of basic things is required. As for the physical flipbook you just pencil, colors, papers, and a stapler. And for creating a flipbook animation you need flipbook animation software that will make your animation process easy and quick.

2) The starting of animation career:

Flipbook is the first step toward an animation career. Most animators start their animation careers by creating flipbooks. And now when the tools have taken the place of the physical animations. It also gives beginners an idea about long animation. Creating a drawing by hand or on software usually feels good.

3) You can use them for gifting purpose:

Gifting a person, a memorable thing that feels him good and that takes him back in the memory. Or if you want to tell a story to someone then the flipbook will show your emotions. And it is a unique gift because not everyone gives their loved ones a flipbook. But overall, it’s not a bad idea at all.

4) Earning and showcasing the talent:

You can showcase your talent on different platforms like YouTube and create your fanbase. And you could also teach people about flipbook animation. There are also many freelance platforms where you can offer your services and earn a good amount of money.

Top Flipbook animation makers:

1) Digicel Flipbook:

If you know little bit a about the flipbook animation services than you might know about the Digicel flipbook. This is an awesome tool for creating animation and you can create flipbook animation in 2d and scan the drawing. And can easily add sound effects, colors, and backgrounds, and modify the frames. They have 3 plans one is for $20, the second is for $50 and the flipbook pro hd price is $100.

 2) Mobissue:

It is the best option if you want to share your flipbook with smartphone users. This software helps you to create the flipbook and modify it accordingly and you can also publish and monetize these flipbooks. You can easily create flipbooks with the help of mob issue because this tool creates the flipbook animation from pdf and you can also create flipbooks for several sizes like for the size of mobile phones, Desktop, and tablets. And it is not necessary that you know about programming. Because that is why this tool is on the second number. Because this tool enhances your creativity skills. And takes less time to create flipbook animation. And you can easily use this flipbook for any purpose like for ads, or for marketing purposes. Or you can sell those flipbook animations that you created from mob issue.

3) Flipbook creator:

You can assume from its name that this tool is specially designed for flipbook animation. This tool offers different services for free. And you can easily create flipbook animations very easily because this software turns the images into flipbooks. And also, you can convert a pdf format file into a flipbook. But this tool is not just for flipbook creation. Although, flipbook animation is its specialty. But you can also create e-books, magazines, and other interesting stuff like catalogs, or digital newspapers.

4) Flipanim:

The next on the list is Flipanim. If you are a beginner that has 0 knowledge about drawing or animation then this tool will help you out. Because this tool is designed according to the mind of the children. And they can also very easily create flipbook animation. And the interface of these tools is very easy. Anyone can create animations according to their need. And because of its easy interface, many people are using it to create their flipbooks with this tool. Because everyone wants easy work and this is something like that.

5) Flipbook Online:

This is a tool that offers a free 7-day trial in the beginning. And you can create flipbook animations that are according to the guidelines of the SEO. You can also create your custom mini version flipbook animation with this tool.

6) Flipsnack:

Flipsnack is a great tool because with publishing the flipbook this tool also teaches you how to create a flipbook animation just in a minute. And this tool offers services of flipbook animation that can easily engage the viewers with their interactive flipbooks designs. 

Bottom Line:

The history of creating flipbooks is more than 1o0 years old. So, it is not a new trend and people are creating flipbooks for a long time. But with time the process and the designs or the structure of the flipbooks have changed a lot. Like back in time when someone wants to make a flipbook, they have to create it on paper and with so many difficulties in the process. And it takes a lot of time to create many drawings for just a 2 or 3-second flipbook. And the process is very time-consuming as well.

When computers and drawing and animation come onto the market the destination of flipbooks changed. People use flipbooks as their starting point in their animation careers. There are many reasons why flipbooks did not get old because they need only a few things to create, you can gift them, and you can also earn good money by offering this service on freelance platforms.

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