How to Write Philosophical Research Paper? Step by Step Guide

How to Write Philosophical Research Paper? Step by Step Guide


You may have to write a philosophical research paper to clear your philosophy class. A philosophical paper aims to investigate a specific philosophical idea or issue.

The core concepts of philosophy are very tricky and complicated as they are difficult to understand. They require critical thinking and proper analysis to create relevance in the research paper according to the topic. Therefore, writing a philosophical research paper is hard unless you fully understand the theories related to the subject. If you want to write a philosophical research paper and don’t have much experience in this subject, then you can follow the simple steps below to write a paper that can help you get an A+ grade.

What is a Philosophical research paper?

A philosophical research paper focuses on assessing and understanding various aspects and ideas that significantly contributed to human thought or philosophy development. In a philosophical essay, you try to prove some points by using rational arguments based on the ideologies of other philosophers. You must focus on selecting relevant information and forming ideas based on it. You can also provide philosophical references to some famous thinkers, such as:

ThinkersTheir Philosophies
GalileoScientific Methods
Auguste ComtePositivism
Francis BaconThe inductive method of reasoning

What Does One Do in a Philosophy Paper?

Following are some points that you must need to keep in mind before writing a Philosophical Research Paper:

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How To Write A Research Paper On Philosophy?

Follow the steps below to write an excellent philosophical paper:

1.     Decide on the topic and write an introduction:

Choosing a topic is very important as it will decide the fate of your whole paper. Before deciding on any philosophy-related subject, you must understand the topic. After this, write a good introduction that will grab the reader’s attention.

2.     Gather material and resources

In philosophy, you have to prove your claims with proper arguments and in-depth research on the topic. To do that, you must properly use the references and examples of other philosophers to support your claims. It would be best to do proper research before writing your philosophical research paper so you can have plenty of ideas for your research paper.

3.     Start Early

It would be best to start early and read other philosophers’ viewpoints. Reading leads to formulating better ideas and arguments, which are crucial for an excellent philosophical paper. Therefore, starting early is advisable to build critical and rational thinking for the topic. You should read the available material on your topic carefully and take notes. By reading, you can get relevant examples and evidence for your paper. Make notes and use these examples and evidence in your paper to make it more credible.

4.     Write a thesis statement:

A philosophical research paper is incomplete without a strong thesis statement. The thesis statement clearly shows your reader what you want to say in your research paper, as it is your main focus. Usually, your thesis statement is written at the start or end of the first paragraph of the research paper. Your thesis statement must be strong enough to convey the main idea of the entire paper.

5.     Draft an outline:

Having a proper track and direction while writing a philosophical research paper would be best. Outlining your research paper will make your work more structured and effective. With the help of a carefully made outline, you will remember to include every important thing. It is because an outline contains all the essential ideas and points you need to add to your research. Furthermore, you should add the main points of each paragraph of your research paper. You should also write relevant examples and evidence that you are going to write in your research paper.

6.     Prepare a draft

The next step is to make a rough draft of your research paper. You can use this rough draft to get feedback from your instructor. It can help you make improve your content for the final submission

7.     Support and explain your thesis

After making a draft, it is time to start writing your philosophical research paper. During your writing, it is crucial to keep in mind that you need to explain your arguments. All of your paragraphs and points must be able to support your thesis statement. For this, give examples and evidence to prove your point. Having credible material to support your reasoning will help add reliability to your points which will help you in getting an A+ grade.

8.     Conclude your Research

Before making a final draft, get proper feedback from your professor or seniors. It will help you in improving your research paper. After getting feedback, write a conclusion in which you will summarize the key points of your paper.

9.     Proofreading

After getting feedback, it is time to make a final draft of your philosophical research paper. Read every word carefully. Check for all the grammatical issues in your paper.

10. References:

Cite all the sources you have used in your paper and add a proper bibliography. Ensure that you meet the guidelines provided by your instructor. After this, you are ready to submit your paper.


This article has guided you on how to write a perfect philosophical research paper. If you are facing difficulty writing a philosophical paper, this article is the best source for getting the job done. The most important thing your need to consider while writing your research paper is to prove your main argument with enough evidence and relevant research.