How to turn on Vizio Smart TV Without Remote?

How to turn on Vizio Smart TV Without Remote?

Vizio Smart TV: In the olden days, people found it difficult to operate their television without its remote control.

In case their original remote control is damaged or lost, they will have to buy a new remote control to operate their television.

Added to this, the original remote control will be much higher in price so, people will tend to buy universal remote control available at a much cheaper cost in the market. This scenario is changed nowadays with the use of smart television.

This article mainly focuses on providing solutions to the users of Vizio smart television to switch on the Vizio smart tv without its own company providing remote control. 

Note On Vizio Smart Television

In the year 2007, the brand Vizio was one of the popular companies in producing televisions with LCD displays in the Northern part of America. Later they started producing LED televisions, followed by smart televisions in the year 2016. 

Added to it, they also developed an application called SmartCast which is nothing but an online remote application that is downloaded and installed on your smartphone to control your Vizio smart television using the infra-red feature. 

Further, the Vizio smart television became a user-friendly option when it was compatible with smart devices that had Alexa voice assistant, Google Assistant, Airplay features, and much more.

This Vizio smart television also comes with the latest display quality with high screen resolution. Also read how to watch 2000 mules on tv.

How to Turn on Vizio Smart TV Without Remote?

The Vizio smart television can be controlled without its remote control that was provided by its manufacturer by using four different methods. They are as follows: 

  • Control the smart TV using the Panel buttons. 
  • Using a remote application. 
  • Control the Vizio smart TV using PS4. 
  • Control the Vizio smart TV using Nintendo Switch. 

Here we are providing a detailed note with the steps. You can use them to control the Vizio Smart TV using various methods.

Control the Vizio Smart TV Using Panel Buttons 

When you find issues with your Vizio smart television remote control, you can control it by using the Panel buttons present on your Vizio smart TV. These Panel buttons are generally located on your TV panel on either the front side or the backside of the television. 

The Panel button includes the Power button, volume buttons, channel switch button, menu button, and exit button. 

Using these buttons, you can control your Vizio smart television easily without its company-provided remote control. 

Control using a Remote application 

The Vizio company has developed a remote application called SmartCast. It is made to help its customers to make use of that application when they find problems in operating their Vizio television remote control. 

This SmartCast application is available free of cost in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) for its customers to benefit from it.

When this application is once installed on your smartphone (Android/ iOS). It turns your smartphone into a TV remote control. The SmartCast remote application works by using the inbuilt infrared feature present in your smartphone (Android/ iOS). 

Control the Smart TV Using PS4 

Yes, you can easily control smart television using the PlayStation (PS4). To control your Vizio smart tv using PS4 follow the instructions given below. 

  • Connect your smart television to the nearby power outlet and switch it on. 
  • Using the HDMI port links the PS4 and your Vizio smart television. 
  • Then go to the option system settings from the menu. 
  • Select the option to allow the devices to connect through the HDMI port. 
  • Finally, switch on the PS4, which in turn makes your smart TV to turn on successfully without using the remote control.

Control the Vizio Smart TV Using Nintendo Switch 

You can use Nintendo Switch to control your smart television. To control your Vizio smart TV using the Nintendo switch follow the instructions given below. 

  • First, Connect the Vizio smart tv to the power socket and switch it on. 
  • Using the Dock, link your smart TV and your Nintendo switch. 
  • Go to the system setting from the home screen option. 
  • Further, go to the television settings option. 
  • Finally, when you switch on your Nintendo gaming console switch, your Vizio smart tv will turn on successfully without the use of its remote control. Similar Post Paramount Plus PS5


Therefore, by using the above-discussed methods, the smart television users can turn on their television without the use of the remote control that comes along with the TV. 

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