Guide to bathroom cleaning: Products and procedures

Guide to bathroom cleaning: Products and procedures

How to Bathroom cleaning 

Cleaning the bathroom with the right products and procedures helps prevent infections and improves the user experience. Bathrooms are a known potential source of germs such as fungi and bacteria. This makes them spaces that require sufficiently intense and frequent cleaning.

In this article, we review what products are necessary to clean the bathroom and what hygiene procedures are required.

  • Bathroom cleaning products
  • Prevent cross-contamination through color-coding
  • Clean the dirt first
  • Wet clean next
  • Disinfect restrooms after cleaning
  • The importance of drying surfaces
  • Keep the bathroom well stocked
  • How can Smart Way App help you in cleaning the bathroom?

Bathroom cleaning products

 Among the products to clean the bathroom, we can distinguish three groups: cleaning supplies or materials, chemical products, and hygienic equipment.

In the first group, we can find brushes, microfiber cloths, water collectors, buckets, mops, and mops.

In the group of chemical products, neutral and acidic detergents stand out, besides disinfectants with fungicidal and bactericidal power.

Regarding equipment, in the bathrooms, we can find hygienic containers or paper and soap dispensers.

Prevent cross-contamination through color-coding

 The technique of color-coding spaces during cleaning is one of the main solutions to prevent cross-contamination problems.

Bearing in mind that the bathroom has very different needs from those of other spaces and that it is a potential source of germs and infections, we recommend the products used for cleaning be exclusive to this space.

Regarding color-coding, the color chosen for the bathroom area is usually red.

 Clean the dirt first

 The first action that we must carry out when cleaning the bathroom is to eliminate the most visible traces of dirt. We can start by sweeping the floors and wiping the larger surfaces, such as countertops.

This phase also includes the replacement of garbage bags (in no case should we should empty the containers for reuse).

Wet clean next

 Once we have removed the most visible dirt from all the surfaces, we will proceed with the wet cleaning, combining acid detergents for the remains of lime and neutral detergents for the most delicate surfaces or materials.

This phase includes professional cleaning of both the floor, the walls or tiles, and all the elements that make up the bathroom, including the surfaces with the greatest contact, such as switches or door handles.

It is important to follow the instructions stated in the technical data sheets of the products for the dilution of detergents.

 Disinfect restrooms after cleaning

 With disinfection, the order of the factors alters the product. Therefore, it is essential to carry out this action right after cleaning.

We will apply fungicidal and bactericidal disinfectants on horizontal and vertical surfaces and on the elements with the greatest contact.

As with detergents, we must also study the recommended dilution for disinfectants.

The importance of drying surfaces

 Surface drying is basic in any space, but in the bathroom area, it becomes even more important.

Remember that humidity is the perfect breeding ground for many harmful microorganisms.

To prevent its appearance, we must resort to constant ventilation of the space and express drying after cleaning and disinfecting.

 Keep the bathroom well stocked

 The equipment is one of the great conditioning factors of the experience of using any bathroom. And how unpleasant can it be to go to the bathroom and not find toilet paper?

The final step in completing restroom cleaning is to ensure that all hand towels, toilet paper, and soap dispensers are fully loaded.

In addition, we must also check the availability of waste bags in the containers after the removal of the previous ones.

Deep cleaning (once or twice a week):

  • In a cup, place the powdered detergent, a little disinfectant or bleach (chlorine), and a liter of water.
  • Wearing gloves, apply this mixture on all surfaces (walls, glass, toilet, and sink). 
  • Brush or rub with a sponge or microfiber cloth and remove with water.
  • Continue by putting a little antifungal on the surfaces and multipurpose cleaner to give the final touch. After a few minutes, remove with water.
  • Finally, and as a final touch for the glass, put a little cleaner on the mirrors and door partitions, and that’s it.
  • Don’t forget to decorate your bathroom with a candle and a small flower arrangement. We widely use baby eucalyptus in these spaces!

Dry cleaning (three to four times a week) :

  • Take an all-purpose disinfectant wipe and dab it with some all-purpose spray cleaner. 
  • Scrub and clean bathroom surfaces, and don’t forget to have a good aroma diffuser on hand.

How can Smart Way App help you in cleaning the bathroom?

 At SCS Group we have developed Smart Way App, an intelligent system for hygiene management.

This application combines different platforms to monitor and plan the different cleaning tasks in real-time.

Its advantages include greater optimization of the products and the time spent during cleaning or a better user experience.