Favourite Old School Video Games

Favourite Old School Video Games


Are you tired of the flashy graphics and complicated gameplay of modern video games? Sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back in time and revisit the classics that we grew up with. Those pixelated characters and simple controls can bring us a sense of nostalgia that no high-tech game can replicate.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane as we explore some of our favorite old school video games. From jumping over barrels with Mario to chomping pellets with Pac-Man, these timeless games will always hold a special place in our hearts (and gaming consoles). So grab your controller and let’s get started!

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is one of the most iconic and beloved video games of all time. It was created by Nintendo in 1985 for the NES console, and it quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The game follows Mario, a plumber who must rescue Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser.

One of the reasons why Super Mario Bros is so popular is its simple yet challenging gameplay. Players must navigate through various levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and power-ups to reach Bowser’s castle at the end. Along the way, they can collect coins and mushrooms that give them extra lives or bigger abilities.

Another reason why Super Mario Bros has stood the test of time is its charming graphics and memorable music. From Mario’s iconic red overalls to Bowser’s menacing horns, every character design adds to the game’s overall charm.

Super Mario Bros has inspired countless sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations over the years. From Super Smash Bros to Super Mario

Odyssey on modern consoles like Switch – there’s always something new for fans old & young alike!


Pacman is one of the most popular arcade games

in history, and it has a special place in the hearts of many gamers. In May 2010, pacman-30thanniversary.net was launched to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of this iconic game.

The website features a wide range of content that will appeal to Pacman fans young and old. From classic gameplay videos to interviews with Pacman’s creators, there’s plenty for visitors to explore.

One notable feature on the site is the

“Pac-Man Doodle” section, which showcases some of Google’s best doodles featuring the character over the years. It’s interesting how such an unassuming game spawned so much creativity!

But perhaps what makes this website truly special is its dedication to preserving and sharing Pacman’s legacy with future generations.

By providing resources and information about this beloved game, pacman-30thanniversary.net ensures that its impact will be felt for many years to come.

If you’re a fan of Pacman or just love classic arcade games in general, be sure to check out pacman-30thanniversary.net!


https://nerdlegame.today/ Nerdlegame.today is a website dedicated to bringing back the nostalgia of old school video games.

It’s a platform for gamers who appreciate the simplicity and fun of classic games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, and Pac-Man.

What sets Nerdlegame.today apart from other gaming websites is its focus on simplicity. The website features straightforward navigation and easy-to-use controls that allow gamers to jump right into playing their favorite retro titles.

In addition to classic arcade games, Nerdlegame.today also offers a variety of popular console titles from the 80s and 90s. From Sonic the Hedgehog to Legend of Zelda, there’s something for every type of gamer on this site.

But what really makes Nerdlegame.today stand out is its emphasis on community.

The website features forums where users can connect with one another to discuss their favorite games or share tips and tricks for beating difficult levels.

If you’re looking for a place to relive your childhood memories or simply want to experience some classic gaming fun, Nerdlegame.today is definitely worth checking out!


After taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some of our favourite old school video games, it’s clear that the classics never go out of style.

Whether you were a fan of Super Mario Bros or Pac-Man, these games have become cultural icons for their unique gameplay experiences and timeless appeal.

While modern gaming has certainly come a long way, there’s still something special about the simplicity and charm of these https://olascar.com/ classic titles.

They offer a nostalgic reminder of simpler times when all we needed was a joystick and some pixelated graphics to have hours of fun.

So whenever you’re feeling wore out on the most recent AAA title or searching for a genuinely new thing to play, consider https://olascar.com/ tidying off an old control center and plunging into one of these darling works of art. You may very well end up rediscovering your adoration for gaming once more.

So next time you’re feeling burnt out on the

latest AAA title or looking for something new to play, consider dusting off an old console and diving into one of these beloved classics. You might just find yourself rediscovering your love for gaming all over again.