Complete Guide To Light Commercial Truck Tyres In UAE

Complete Guide To Light Commercial Truck Tyres In UAE

Nowadays, most small businesses depend on light commercial vehicles. Often, the success of the whole business rests on how well the fleet of vehicles is maintained. At the same time, a special light truck tire is one of the most expensive parts of upkeep. When you use our tips to buy tires for cars, vans, and light trucks, you won’t pay too much or have to buy them twice.

Light Truck Tires: What Are They?

The letters LT are marked on the sidewalls of light truck tires. These tires work with light to heavy-duty trucks, caravans, utes, commercial vans, and trailers.

  • Load Capacity: 1,000–2,000 pounds (half–ton–ton).
  • Distinct Features: Chunky tread pattern, Deep grooves, Robust sidewalls, Tough internal instruction with thick sidewall plies and hefty wires
  • Best to Use: Best for driving on industrial roads with pits and rocks. City driving is possible, but be aware of the drawbacks.
  • Not For: Not suited for High-speed tyre heat, excessive rolling resistance, low fuel efficiency, pounding the pavement, rougher and noisier ride.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Light Commercial Truck Tyres

Tyre Size

The proper tyre size is critical for ensuring safe and effective performance. Tyre width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter all contribute to tyre size. Consult your owner’s handbook or a tyre specialist to establish the proper size for your car.

Load Index and Speed Rating

The load capacity of each tire is an issue that many fleet operators overlook. How much weight is the tire supposed to carry on an ordinary trip? Tire manufacturers will specify the maximum load capacity for their tires and can assist you in determining whether or not the tire meets your specific load capacity needs.

Tyre Type

Types of tyres for light commercial trucks include summer, winter, and all-season. The type of tyre you select will be determined by the environment and driving circumstances. All-season tyres, for example, are ideal for temperate climes, whereas winter tyres are designed to provide maximum traction in snowy or icy circumstances.

Brand and Quality

The performance and lifespan of your vehicle depend on your choice of tyre brand. Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear are just a few examples of well-known tires manufacturers for light commercial trucks. Before Buying commercial tyres , it is important to consider factors such as cost, quality, and reliability when deciding on a brand

Types of Light Commercial Tyres

Light truck tyres are developed for diverse driving conditions and purposes. Common light truck tyres include:

  • All-Season Tyres work well in dry, wet, and light snow.
  • Highway tires are for paved roads and highways. They have a low profile and outstanding dry-road grip.
  • All-terrain tires work well on and off-road. They have a more aggressive tread design than all-season tyres, improving mud, sand, and gravel traction. 
  • Mud-terrain tires are made for off-road use. 
  • Winter Tyres, often known as snow tyres, give optimal traction in snowy and icy conditions. 

Maintaining your Light Commercial Truck Tyres

Tire Alignment 

Misalignments degrade tire and vehicle lifespans. Uneven tire wear indicates improper alignment. Every 80,000–100,000 miles, commercial vehicles should get wheel alignments.

Tire Tread

Commercial truck maintenance includes checking tire tread. Uneven wear and tread depth can limit tire life, cause road issues, and endanger drivers.

Weather and Pressure Prep 

Cold temperatures lower tire pressure, affecting fuel economy, tread life, and road safety. A valve cap can prevent gradual pressure leaks from ice on the valve core while using a tire gauge in below-freezing temperatures.

No matter the temperature, underinflation and overinflation can affect your vehicle’s structure and other components. Fleets should check tire pressure weekly.

Tire Inspection 

Before every journey, check your tires to prolong their life. Simple road preparedness checks can avert workplace hazards.


For safe and efficient performance, light commercial trucks need high-quality tyres. By considering tyre size, load index, speed rating, kind, brand, quality, and regular maintenance, you can ensure that your light commercial truck always has the right tyres. If you need any assistance or tires guide in UAE, you must visit PitStopArabia, a team of professionals.