Colours of Sarees for Fair, Light, Wheatish, and Dark Skin Tone

Colours of Sarees for Fair, Light, Wheatish, and Dark Skin Tone

We all adore colour, and there are many different shades of sarees to select from. Frequently, you would have bought a lovely coloured saree that didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped. The saree’s shade didn’t go well with the undertone of your skin, which is why.

This blog is a guide on how choosing colours based on your underlying skin tone can make you glow differently rather than endorsing skin colour stereotypes that ignore the reasons why some colours don’t blend with some skin tones.

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Here are the top 11 saree colour combinations that you really must try!

Skin Undertones and Tone Variations

When selecting the ideal saree hue, skin tone and skin undertone are two crucial considerations.

The amount of melanin in a person’s body determines their skin tone, which is the colour of their skin at birth. Light, fair, wheatish, and dark complexion tones are the three most common.

The delicate colour that lies beneath the skin’s surface is referred to as the skin undertone, on the other hand. Skin undertones typically fall into one of three categories: cool, warm, or neutral. Warm undertones have a yellow or golden hue, while neutral undertones contain a combination of both warm and cool undertones.

By observing the veins on your wrist, you may identify the undertone of your skin. You have a cool undertone if the veins seem blue, and a warm undertone if they appear green. If they appear colourless, your undertone is neutral.

The best saree hues for various skin tones

Depending on the undertones of your complexion, there are particular hues you must put first on your list. Let’s look at the saree colours that complement various skin tones the best.

Colours of Sarees for Dark Skin

Many hues, such as tints of maroon, red, blue, gold, yellow, magenta, and green, look good on people with dark skin tones. Dark skinned individuals may have a chilly or warm undertone. As a result, selecting the ideal saree colour for dark skin tones should be determined on the type of undertone one has. Try out several colours that do not match your undertones.

1. Vibrant Purple

This striking purple saree looks amazing with gold accessories. A strong and dramatic impression is produced by the contrast between the warm undertones of the skin and the deep, rich purple colour. Purple is a beautiful colour for formal events like weddings and celebrations since it is connected with monarchy and wealth.

2. Light Beige

This light beige saree creates a delicate, elegant, and sophisticated contrast that perfectly balances the dark skin tone. Beige is a versatile option for a variety of events since it is a neutral shade that goes well with a wide range of other colours. Dark skinned women can confidently wear a pale beige saree because it is an unobtrusive and stylish option.

3.Teal Green

This stunning teal green saree highlights the dark skin tone and gives the complexion a glow. The deep green colour with blue undertones produces a lovely contrast that brings out the skin’s inherent attractiveness. A green saree can be a great option for special occasions when accessorised with gold jewellery or other metallic embellishments.

4. Bright White

The contrast between the skin’s warm undertones and the saree’s crisp, icy whiteness is quite dramatic, making this white saree look magnificent. While some people might feel uncomfortable wearing a white saree, someone with a dark skin tone can wear it with confidence. For someone with a dark skin tone, a white that is a little bit creamier and warmer can be a terrific option.

Colours for Sarees for Wheatish Skin

People with a combined yellow and brown complexion are referred to as having a wheatish skin tone. The majority of Indians have this skin tone. And warm undertones are most common in those with wheatish complexion tones. For a skin tone that is wheat-colored, deeper-hued colours are the best option. The skin tone is improved by hues like blue, turquoise, orange, emerald green, neon, and metallic grey.

5.Electric Blue

This saree in electric blue is amazing. It’s a fantastic option for someone who wants to make a statement with their saree because of the striking contrast that the vivid blueish shade produces. Electric blue sarees look especially lovely when accessorised with silver or white jewellery, which can serve to soften the intensity of the hue.

6.Emerald Green

The colour emerald green is elegant and classic. Look at how lovely it looks on skin tones with a wheatish hue. For formal occasions, an emerald-green saree is a great option, especially when accessorised with gold or silver jewellery.

7. Silver Metal

For people with wheat-colored skin tones, this shiny silver saree is a stylish and trendy option. The silver metallic fabric shimmers beautifully because of the way it catches the light. A variety of jewellery and accessories can be worn with it. For formal occasions, a metallic silver saree is a terrific option, especially when accessorised with silver or diamond jewellery.

8.Bronze orange

For people with wheat-colored skin tones, this bronze orange saree is a lovely and distinctive option. The warm, earthy tones of orange and bronze give the complexion a lovely glow. For festive events, a bronze-orange saree is a terrific option, especially when accessorised with gold or bronze jewellery.

Colours of Sarees for Light Skin

People with light skin tones can have a warm or cold undertone. The greatest saree colour choices for fair-skinned women include tan, olive, light pink, royal blue, green, and hues of yellow and dark grey. Darker hues of blue, grey, brown, green, burgundy, and purple complement light complexion with a cool undertone better than they do light skin with a warm undertone.

9. Burgundy

This burgundy saree is a classy option that can look especially great on a light skin tone. Burgundy’s deep, rich hue can beautifully contrast with lighter skin tones, bringing out the inherent brilliance and glow of the complexion. Burgundy and metallic accents work well together to produce a classy and opulent appearance.

10.Stellar Black

For someone with light skin, this magnificent black saree is a beautiful and classy option. The startling and dramatic impact that the strong contrast between black and pale skin produces improves the skin’s inherent shine.

11.Royal Blue

A royal blue saree is a gorgeous and regal option that can look especially attractive on someone with light skin. Royal blue’s rich, deep colour enhances the natural brilliance and glow of the complexion by striking an appealing contrast with lighter skin tones.

12.Hot Pink

On a person with light complexion, this hot pink saree is a daring choice that looks beautiful. Hot pink’s vivid and vivid tone gives the complexion a healthy shine and freshness. For festive occasions and celebrations, a pink saree is a terrific option, especially when accessorised with gold or silver jewellery online.

Colours of Sarees for Fair Skin

Typically, fair complexion tones have a pink or reddish undertone. Fair skin is complimented by a number of hues, including soft pastels, light blues, greens, pinks, peaches, corals, and reds. Silver and gold in lighter tones are also excellent choices. The cold undertones of fair complexion might clash with bright or neon colours, so stay away from them.

13.Pastel Green

For someone with pale skin, this pastel green saree is a classy and understated option. A fair skin tone can be complemented by the softness of pastel green without being overpowered, giving off a delicate and subtle appearance. For daytime gatherings and celebrations, a pale green saree is ideal, especially when accessorised with delicate jewels and natural accessories.

14. Vivacious Yellow

The vivid and bright colour of this saree contrasts beautifully with light skin tone, making it look really stunning. Yellow is a colour that exudes vitality, joy, and optimism, making it a fantastic choice for festive events and festivities. A bright yellow saree may produce a style that is both playful and elegant when worn with gold or silver accessories.

15. Bright Red

The vibrant red colour of this saree is strong and alluring, and it contrasts beautifully with fair skin thanks to its tremendous energy and intensity. Any jewellery can be worn with a red saree because it is a timeless and traditional choice for any event.

16. Gleaming Gold

This gorgeous and opulent saree in shiny gold looks stunning on fair skin. On fair skin, the shimmering and reflected properties of gold produce a lovely and luminous effect that enhances the skin’s natural luminosity and glow. For formal occasions, a gold saree is a terrific option, especially when accessorised with gold or diamond jewellery.


In order to enhance your beauty and improve your overall appearance, selecting the appropriate saree hue for your skin tone is crucial. It’s important to be aware of one’s skin tone and select saree colours that go well with certain undertones. Visit our website or the physical location of bridal silks sarees online to browse sarees that not only go well with you but also enable you to carry the history of Indian culture with style and grace.