5 Reasons Why Your Business Need Customer Portals Solutions?

5 Reasons Why Your Business Need Customer Portals Solutions?

As we adjust to a world impacted by COVID-19, one thing is certain – businesses worldwide are embracing a new era of self-service. Recent research indicates that 88% of customers expect brands to have an online self-service portal, signaling a significant shift toward streamlined and accessible digital experiences. Consider the potential benefits of introducing a customer portal. Doing so could elevate your customers’ experience, giving them greater control and autonomy while freeing up your team to tackle more complex tasks. And the best part? Setting up a customer portal solutions has never been easier with the wide range of available software options.

Embracing a customer portal is a smart move for any business. It can drastically reduce the volume of daily queries your team must handle and streamline requests, making it easier to meet your customers’ needs and expectations. With a customer portal, your business can deliver top-notch service while staying ahead of the game in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

What is a Customer Portal?

A customer portal is a dedicated hub where customers can manage their relationship with your company, such as checking the status of their open support requests, following relevant knowledge base articles, and contributing to your community. It connects your business’ self-service functions in a single, personalized place that can live on your website and mobile app.

When integrated with other systems, a customer portal allows customers to view and change their account information, such as changing their shipping address or canceling a reservation.

The Benefits of Having a Customer Portal

Customer portals save time for both you and your clients.

Customer portals give customers the information and tools they need to figure out how to solve their problems. Calling customer care and waiting on hold is not necessary. Instead, they are given the freedom and time to do what they need.

This also helps you out. When your customers can handle their problems, you have more time to work on other parts of your business.

When they need to talk to customer service, a customer portal solutions lets you both keep a written record of all conversations and lets any team member pick up the conversation right where it left off.

Eliminate Wasted Time

It’s a common experience to feel frustrated when you’re forced to manually respond to requests and engage in back-and-forth email communications to confirm essential information, especially when you have an endless to-do list to tackle.

According to a study by Super Office, almost half of the customers (46%) anticipate receiving responses within four hours, which isn’t always achievable when business operations are at their busiest. However, delayed responses could potentially hinder your customer’s operations, potentially risking your business relationship with them.

Customers expect quick access to information without wasting time searching for it.

The Inteletrade customer portal solves this issue by providing continuous 24/7 access to relevant data. This guarantees that your customers will always have the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, eliminating the need for manual requests and freeing up your time. Not only does this result in more efficient customer service, but it also enhances the overall customer experience by streamlining their search for essential information.

Cut costs for customer service.

Customer platforms are helpful because they give customers easy access to more information and because they automate tasks that your business would have to do by hand otherwise. Companies that don’t have a customer portal might need five or more customer service workers to answer all phone calls and emails from customers manually.

With a customer portal, however, that number could easily be cut in half because it offers automated customer care services.

With less physical customer service work, your business could save tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on hiring new employees. This goes a long way toward building a successful business.

Reduce the distance between your company and customers.

A Customer Portal has more than just the standard customer service benefits. Companies can use them to give customers a unique and personalized interface where they can write, share ideas, and get feedback about new goods. 

Customer portals let you see how people are using your website. By letting customers log in independently, you can determine which materials and services work best for your business. 

Using this information to make a Customer Portal will make it easier to keep track of how happy customers are. In the end; your business will know more about what your customers want and be able to help them make better choices about what to buy.

Displaying pertinent information

Customers can get information about interacting with your company through a customer portal. They can also inspect an order’s status, check the status of a ticket’s resolution, look for an invoice, or browse through the history of their interactions.

Cutomer portals have become a typical element in industries. Thus, you have most likely benefited from this solution as a consumer. Consider how you will implement this type of solution in your company.

Time for Level Up

Customer Portals that facilitate communication between a company and its consumers have become an indispensable part of current business processes. The creation of a customer portal that meets your company’s specific needs is now much less of a challenge because to cutting-edge technology solutions like CRMJetty.

CRMJetty’s flexible configuration options and intuitive UI make it an ideal customer portal solution for organizations of any size. It provides a variety of tools for creating and deploying customer portals that improve corporate processes and customer satisfaction. Therefore, CRMJetty is the best choice for all your customer portal development requirements if you want to improve client engagement and service.

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