5 Best Types of Fresh Water Snails

5 Best Types of Fresh Water Snails

If you are looking for a new addition to your fish tank, freshwater snails may be the perfect choice for you! There are many different types of snails available, each with its own set of unique qualities. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 of the best types of fresh water snails and why you should consider adding them to your tank. We’ll also provide information on where you can find these snails and what special care they require. So if you’re ready to add some personality to your fish tank, read on for our top 5 picks for fish tank snails and where you can get them!

Types of Freshwater Snails

There are many different kinds of fresh water snails in the world. Here we will focus on ten of the best types of fish tank snails for you. The things that make these snails best include color variations, low-maintenance, price factor, and other specialties.

Apple Snails

Apple snails are a type of fish tank snail that is native to South America. These snails get their name from their round, apple-like shape. Apple snails are available in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, purple, and gold. These snails typically grow to be about four inches in diameter.

Apple snails are great additions to any fish tank because they are very efficient eaters. They will help keep your tank clean by eating algae and other detritus. Apple snails are also peaceful creatures that will not bother other tank mates.

Mystery snail

These fish tank snails get their name from their unique shell, which is often brightly colored and spiral-shaped. Mystery snails are available in a variety of colors, including blue, pink, purple, and gold. These snails typically grow to be about two inches in diameter.

These little creatures stand out in any aquarium due to their unusual designs and hues. We adore displaying them in a heavily-planted tank for maximum contrast. These aquarium snails are quite low-maintenance, requiring little care. They get along well with almost every other species and will mind their own business.

Nerite Snails

The Nerite snails are one of the most popular species that may be kept in almost any aquarium. They’re adaptable when it comes to water quality and can fit into tiny tanks. The majority of them never exceed 1 inch in diameter.

Their shell designs are what people like most about these fresh water snails. Their shells feature a variety of gorgeous and intricate patterns that are simply fascinating to observe. The majority of the colors are yellow or brown, although there are several different choices when it comes to their designs. I personally adore the tiger kind the most.

Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn Snails are a very popular type of fish tank snail. They are easily recognizable by their unique shell, which is shaped like a spiral. These snails are available in a variety of colors, including red, blue, and brown. Ramshorn snails typically grow to be about one inch in diameter.

These snails are great for beginners because they are very easy to care for. They are also very efficient eaters and will help keep your tank clean. Ramshorn snails are peaceful creatures that will not bother other tank mates.

Trumpet Snails

Some aquarists adore them, while others despise them. This is due to their capacity to breed quickly and take over a tank if left unchecked. I think they’re fantastic fish tank snails because of their unique appearance and the services they provide.

This fish is low-maintenance and simple to care for. You’ll never have to worry about them growing in your tank as long as everything stays the same. They won’t bother any other animals, remaining quiet.

They’re not enormous (just over an inch long) and thus appear more “natural” than other species on our list. There’s a certain charm to having a few of them in your aquarium as if you were viewing a pond!

Where You Can Get These Snails

Now that we have the 5 best fish tank snails let’s move on and talk about where you can get your hands on these beautiful creatures.

Australia is a huge country so you can find freshwater snails at your local pet store or online retailer. I recommend ordering from a reputable source to ensure that you are getting healthy, quality snails.

I like micraquaticshop.com since they have a large selection of fresh water snails and the shipping fee is reasonable. They also provide a live arrival guarantee on livestock like fish, shrimp, and snails. You may also get great prices if you sign up for their newsletter. They offer free shipping every Friday that’s when I order, mostly.

Bottom line

Fresh water snails, in my opinion, are the greatest aquarium pets ever. I’m a huge advocate of fish tank snails and frequently extol their virtues to people who have aquariums. They’re endearing, fascinating, and lots of fun to observe!

There are a lot of advantages to keeping snails in your aquarium, and when you add them up with the simplicity of care, there is no disadvantage in obtaining some. There should be nothing stopping you unless you already have an incompatible tank mate (anything that eats snails).

After all, trying out different species is part of what makes aquariums so much fun in the first place. By incorporating any one of the freshwater snails on our list into your tank, you’ll provide it with a new life. Thanks for reading!