10 Important Resources for Writing a Successful Dissertation

10 Important Resources for Writing a Successful Dissertation

The dissertation is a complicated research paper that Ph.D. students have to write by the end of their course. The students need a number of authentic resources to complete their research.

Research is an important part of the dissertation writing process, and the material that comes from research often forms the body and key turning points of the final dissertation structure. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of the various dissertation research resources available to modern students. Make the most of them to provide quality research and insights that enrich their dissertation writing.


Libraries are the most obvious choice for most researchers, but students often underutilize their resources. In addition to looking for sections related to your subject or dissertation topic, use the library catalogs (which are now almost always electronic) to search for key terms and related ideas. Many students make the mistake of underestimating the traditional resource of information called a ‘Library’. The variety and breadth of material available will amaze you. There are thousands of books in libraries that you can easily find by consulting with the librarian. Don’t be afraid to talk to librarians and ask for advice. Those who don’t know how to consult books have to hire dissertation editing services in UAE.


Journals are a very useful but often undervalued research resource. Providing relevant information about the debate, critical opinion, and the development of academic theory. Full-back catalogs of many magazine issues are now available online. Print editions of entire magazine series are kept in many libraries.  People who consult magazines seldom have to look for an editor.

The Internet

The Internet is an invaluable resource for dissertation research but beware of unreliable websites and unauthenticated information. Sites such as Wikipedia may sound convincing, but they are public and un-moderated. It is advisable not to include research from them in your papers. Whenever you use the Internet for research, remember to record the addresses of the websites you visit and the dates you visit them, and include them in your dissertation references.

No matter if your research paper is related to chemistry, physics or environmental sciences, or any other disciple. The internet is a great resource of information for all the students struggling to write a dissertation. They gather information from websites that offer authentic information.

Papers of Past Students

These collections are often kept in college or university libraries for reference by authors of current papers. They are very helpful in writing a dissertation as they provide excellent examples of the structure. Format of the dissertation as well as the style that has been successful in the past. The papers written by past students are not necessarily written by the students themselves as hiring an expert dissertation editor UAE is legal. Many students hire them to reduce their academic stress.


There are many journals that are published every day. The students looking for dissertation help can consult the journals and find an abundance of information about the topic of their choice. There even are online journals that are easily accessible for the students from their dorm or hostel.

Film, Cassette, Interview

Many students fall into the trap of considering only literature sources such as books and texts in the library when researching and writing their thesis or master’s thesis.

Some of the most exciting and relevant examples of papers are in all formats and media, from films and tapes to interviews conducted by the paper authors themselves with leading researchers, critics, writers, or theorists.


Big institutions and organizations conduct workshops in which the leading names from the academic world participate as speakers. For example, a workshop on world climate change may be helpful for students of environmental sciences and a conference on the use of the latest technology in construction might help students of architecture.


There are many companies that organize seminars and refresher courses for professionals of different fields in which they are introduced to the latest changes that have happened in their field. If the students get a chance to attend these seminars they get a lot of new information that they can use in their dissertation.


 The latest resource of information that Ph.D. students can use to write their dissertations is online meetings known as Webinars. The Ph.D. students can easily register with the webinars related to their fields and get information directly from the mouth of the experts. The information that they get from webinars is the least doubtful as compared to the information available on the internet on websites like Wikipedia.

Intelligent Classmates and Group Studies

Sometimes a concept that is not clear in your mind comes to light when you discuss a topic with your classmates who have a stronger grip over the subject that is problematic for you. You can clear many concepts by participating in group studies.