What Difference Does Custom Packaging Make?

What Difference Does Custom Packaging Make?

For online businesses, the biggest chance to make an impression on the customers is when they receive a parcel. When you have a physical store, you can provide more services to the customers to make their shopping experience worthwhile, but it is a different case with e-commerce businesses. They don’t have physical stores to provide any additional services to the customers; hence, what they need to do is invest in custom packaging.

Product packaging plays a vital role in creating your brand image, whether it is bakery packaging boxes or gift boxes. You need to design your packaging according to your product and brand’s theme. Brown paper bags have started to become popular again; hence, many businesses are adding this packaging type to be relevant to the customers. This is how important packaging is for business; it requires you to follow the trend and stay relevant.

What is Custom Packaging?

There are two types of product packaging that you can choose from, one is ready-made designs that you can easily find on Print Monkey’s catalogue, and another is customisation. Custom packaging allows you to have packaging designs according to your needs and vision. Print Monkey motivates you to share your ideas with their creative design team, and they ensure that your vision is brought to life. You can add as many details as you want in your custom packaging and make it your own so customers can also recognise it more easily.

Why Should You Have Custom Packaging?

Choosing ready-made designs is surely an easy way of having creative packaging, but it cannot be unique. When you are choosing an already popular or a basic design, you have to remember that there are many other businesses that have the same design for their products. You should bring uniqueness to your products and packaging if you want customers to remember your brand for a long time. Custom packaging allows you to have that uniqueness. If you don’t have any creative ideas yourself, you can always discuss them with designers and let them come up with something unique that resonates with your brand’s vision. Custom packaging gives you the X factor and helps you stand apart from your competitors.

Following are the benefits of having custom packaging in your brand.

It Creates a Better Impression

When customers receive products packed in custom designs, they appreciate it more. While many business owners think packaging isn’t as important in building their brand image, it is ignorant to believe it. Everyone likes to receive beautifully packed parcels and well-protected orders. If you provide customers with custom packaging, it will surely create a better first impression of your brand in their minds.

It Gives Better Protection

Choosing a packaging design from existing designs cannot ensure the 100% safety of your products. These designs are made while keeping general products in mind. They are not specifically designed to keep your products secured. There is a chance that the packaging you have chosen might not be the right fit for your products, and only an experienced business owner can identify this. Designing your own packaging allows you to add specific details to your product packaging that will keep your products safe.

It Gets Popular on Social Media

We live in a world of social media, and every business these days knows the power of it. You cannot ignore social media sites and have you create strategies that will work on them. People like to see unique and refined stuff on social media platforms. If you have customised packaging that looks ravishing, social media users will circulate your product and talk about it. There are many accounts on social media that discuss brands, and when customers have had a good experience, they share it with others.

It can be Eco-Friendly.

Eco-friendly packaging is the new trend in the business world. People have become more aware of the damage plastic causes to the world; hence, they have started switching towards brands that deal with environmentally friendly products. When a brand announces going eco-friendly, people appreciate it, and it opens the door for new customers to engage with the brand. Getting ready-made designs might not allow you to be 100% eco-friendly because you have not planned those designs yourself. Custom packaging enables you to be 100% eco-friendly and be honest with your customers. 

It Gives a Better Customer Experience

When you design your product packaging, you can ensure that your customers get the best unboxing experience. You can design your packages in a way that not only makes them unique but also makes them easier to unbox. Customers look for elegance and quality in packaging, but they don’t want to sit for several minutes looking for ways to open a package. Your product packaging should be creative but also simple so customers can quickly see what’s inside.

It Stands Out

Having custom packaging boxes allows your packaging to stand out. Standard packaging boxes have basic colours and no uniqueness in them. If you want your product packaging to stand out, you need to be creative and design your own packaging boxes. You can add as many colours, designs, and prints on your packaging boxes, and that will make your product packaging look unique and stand out. Customers will have more reasons to purchase from you, and they will do it for a better unboxing experience.


Designing your own product packaging might be the best move you can make when it comes to packaging your products. However, it can be difficult. You need to be creative and have ideas so you can incorporate those in your packaging. If you don’t have any unique ideas, you can contact Print Monkey UK, and their creative design team will assist you in creating unique product packaging boxes for your business.

If you want brown paper bags, bakery packaging boxes, or any other type of packaging for your business in the UK, visit Print Monkey UK and contact their team to create creative and unique designs for your brand.