Understanding the Different Types of iPhone Screen Repairs

Understanding the Different Types of iPhone Screen Repairs

If you own an iPhone, chances are that you’ve experienced a cracked screen or some other type of damage at least once. It might be really annoying to have to pay even more money on repairs given how expensive iPhones already are. We’ll discuss the many iPhone screen repairs in this article, including replacing a broken screen, replacing an LCD, repairing water damage, replacing a battery, and performing other less common solutions.

Cracked Screen Repair

One of the most common types of iPhone screen repairs is for cracked screens. Cracked screens can happen in a number of ways. Such as dropping your phone or accidentally hitting it against a hard surface. Repairing a shattered screen may cost between $50 and $400 depending on the extent of the damage.

In order to fix a cracked screen, the shattered glass is normally removed. And a new screen is installed in its place. This repair is really easy to do and is frequently finished in an hour or two.

However, it’s important to note that not all iPhone repair shops are created equal. And some may use low-quality replacement screens that can lead to further problems down the line.

LCD Replacement

The LCD (liquid crystal display) is the part of the iPhone screen that displays images and graphics. If you’re experiencing issues with the LCD, such as black spots, lines, or a completely black screen, an LCD replacement may be necessary. A replacement LCD for your iPhone might cost anywhere from $80 and $250, depending on the model.

As it requires disassembling the entire screen assembly. And moving the home button, front camera, and other components to the new screen. Replacing an LCD is a little trickier than replacing a cracked screen. To guarantee that everything is transferred and assembled correctly, this form of repair should only be carried out by a qualified specialist.

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Water Damage Repair

Water damage is a common problem for iPhones, as they are not waterproof. Your iPhone may not function at all or encounter a variety of problems. It includes a broken screen if it has been immersed in water or exposed to excessive moisture. Depending on how much damage the water did, the cost to fix it might be anywhere from $50 to $500.

Cleaning and drying the inside of the phone to eliminate any remaining moisture, replacing any damaged parts, and testing the phone to make sure it is functioning properly are typical steps in the water damage repair procedure. It’s important to note that not all iPhones can be repaired after water damage. But some may need to be replaced entirely.

Battery Replacement

A new battery may be required if your iPhone’s battery isn’t retaining a charge or is depleting quickly. A new battery for an iPhone can cost anywhere from $50 and $100, depending on the model.

An iPhone battery replacement is a fairly straightforward procedure that is frequently finished in an hour or two. However, not all iPhone batteries are created equal. Some aftermarket batteries might not be as good or long-lasting as genuine Apple batteries.

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Other Types of Repairs

There are a few less typical sorts of iPhone screen repairs that you may run into in addition to the ones mentioned above. These include home button replacement, front camera replacement, and other types of component repairs. Depending on the particular component that needs to be changed and the type of your iPhone, the price of these repairs can vary significantly.

DIY vs. Professional Repair

While it may be tempting to try to save money by attempting a DIY repair, it’s important to remember that not all repairs are created equal. Some repairs, such as replacing a cracked screen, can be completed relatively easily by those with some technical skill and experience. However, more complicated repairs, such as replacing an LCD or repairing water damage. It should only be attempted by a trained professional. Attempting to DIY these repairs can result in further damage to your iPhone. It can more expensive to repair in the long run.

Professional repair shops have the necessary tools and equipment to diagnose and repair your iPhone properly. Additionally, they have access to premium replacement parts, which can guarantee that your iPhone will keep working properly for a very long time. When choosing a professional repair shop, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable and experienced shop to ensure that your iPhone is in good hands.


In conclusion, being aware of the various iPhone screen repairs will enable you to choose the right one and estimate the cost. Cracked screen repair, LCD replacement, water damage repair, battery replacement, and other types of component repairs are all common types of repairs that you may encounter with your iPhone. 

While it may be tempting to attempt a DIY repair to save money. It’s important to remember that some repairs should only be attempted by a trained professional. You can make sure that your iPhone is in good hands. And will continue to work effectively for a long time by selecting a reputable and knowledgeable repair facility. Additionally, maintaining your iPhone properly by using a protective case and avoiding contact with water can help avoid the need for repairs altogether.

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