Transform Your App Idea into a Product by Creating a Feature Set

Transform Your App Idea into a Product by Creating a Feature Set

Today, as there’s a growth in the trend of business mobile applications, every business owner is planning to come up with a new mobile app idea for the growth of their business. 

By developing a mobile application for their business, with the help of a mobile app development company, they want to reach a new audience at a great level or serve their existing customers more effectively.

With numerous business owners today planning to develop an outstanding mobile application for their business, it is possible that you too might have a great idea or brilliant concept for a probably ground-breaking mobile application.

Today, as many business owners are planning to bring their business online, they are also planning to develop a mobile app with a trusted mobile application development company. However, the question that arises is why every business owner is crazy about developing a mobile app? What do they really have to do with an app idea?

A mobile app development idea for business owners can turn out to be a solution for some of the existing crucial business problems that their customers might be facing. And therefore, to develop a killer mobile app one needs a feature set to start with.

What’s a Feature Set?

A feature set is a high-level explanation of the functionalities that a business owner might want to include in his/her business application. It is an amount of information that shows that there are several features, all of which are necessary to solve a problem that a user is facing.

When moving towards an end product, it is important to have all solutions offered to users that also include the best UX/UI design. Let’s take for example if a user needs a taxi app to book cabs, then you will need to integrate not only the booking features but also maps and alerts.

So, solving user problems is a part of a feature set, and therefore, adding more value to mobile applications means enabling in-app calling, in-app navigation, route sharing, ridesharing option, and real-time location sharing.

Mobile App Development

To develop a mobile application, one must follow a rule that requires constant correction and evolution.  Sometimes, coming up with a new product idea can turn out to be a solution to a complex problem, and is very easy to produce during the different planning stages.

However, at first, we must examine MVP app development because the initial steps of planning involve applications to be removed before growing up.

And this is the reason why your idea of developing an outstanding mobile application requires a feature set.

The concept of mobile application development that rises to the feature list needs to have an approach, and thus it includes the following:  

Do In-Depth Research:

It is important to do in-depth research before you start working on your business mobile application, as it will help with your ultimate marketing purposes.

You should search and look out for those mobile applications that have achieved ideas related to your business application.

Once you have done well in-depth research, the step would be to watch out for their reviews, ratings, feedback, and their weak points.

Now first, go and add those features that are proficient in making your business app unique and can grab huge attention. Once you are done with the individual market research, you should update your feature list.

If you want to distinguish your business application from your competitors in the application market, then you will need to know how application store optimization works.

Some more factors that influence your search ranking to involve are the following:

  • Description
  • Ratings
  • Reviews
  • Screenshots
  • App category
  • Icon/Image
  • Download rates

Find Your Target Audience:

While making a mobile application, it is important to find your target audience as app users, because without finding so, you won’t be able to move forward.

It is important that you start finding data that determines a specific audience for your new Android or iOS application. This activity will help you in your application marketing and in the idea development process.

Ideally, when you are planning to develop a mobile application, look around for communities or subgroups that are actually in need of a mobile application to solve their problems.

Try searching for answers to questions like “how your mobile application can simplify their day-to-day life?” If you are unable to find an answer, then start working from scratch and figure out to whom your mobile application idea will work.

The best example is of ride-sharing app “UBER” which helped passengers and cab drivers to catch hold of each other.

Such a mobile application idea can really provide financial benefit to all the parties involved.

Turning ideas into a product by removing all the possible friction is the best way to launch a mobile application. So, start clearly defining your target audience group and plan to build your mobile application accordingly.

Choose The Right App Platform:

Irrespective of your idea of mobile application development – be it an Android application or iOS application, it is important for you to learn and know the difference between Apple’s App and Google’s play store.

Just examine the following stats to know which platform makes use of what appears the most.

App Idea

Again, by simply following the statistics you won’t be able to come to a logical conclusion about which platform would be the most suitable to launch your application.

You also must view the app spend too as iOS users are more likely to spend in-app in comparison to Android users.

For example, if your target audience is a group of people residing outside of the United States, then choosing Apple to launch your mobile application can be a big mistake.

In such a case it is better to design a mobile application for Android as there are more users of it than the latter in the United States.

Another important thing to consider is the strategy that you might be opting to monetize your mobile application idea. Your monetization strategy can even impact which platform you are choosing to launch your mobile application.

If your strategy involves charging a certain amount for downloading your mobile application, then you can better go for iOS applications. However, if you are planning to earn money through in-app purchases and ads, then you can better choose Android apps. Although you will earn less money per purchase but will have access to more users.

There’s another option that altogether caters to both iOS and Android users, and that is developing a hybrid application. A hybrid application is one that suits the iOS and Android platforms because there’s no need to write two sets of distinctive codes.

The cost of developing applications with hybrid apps reduces significantly with the ability to build PWA with minimum functionality. 

Make a Wireframe:

Wireframes are blueprints that cover your new mobile application. The fastest way one can create a wireframe is by using a pen and paper.

Try to pick out every single screen of your product from beginning to end and think about the experience you want your users to have while using it.

While doing this exercise of creating a basic wireframe, always remember to focus on your specified product. Your feature set should include:

  • Product introduction
  • The concept for your application in terms of the product, design, and business
  • A complete description of the technical features of your mobile application

Hire App Developers:

When it comes to writing code for your mobile application, then there are three ways through which you can do it:

By hiring a mobile application development company or agency, that will design your product

By hiring an internal design and development team


By developing the mobile application, yourself, if you have knowledge of app development

The above-mentioned are the three options that you have to select to develop your mobile app and publish it as an iOS & Android app.

There are more submissions in the Apple App Store as compared to Play Store because iOS apps are more profitable overall.


So, at last, it comes down to the above-mentioned points to execute the concept of application development phase by phase in the process.

Right from the color scheme, look & feel, logo, design, and typography everything must be a true reflection of what your business app stands for.

Doing the right research on a target market and designing your application purely on those grounds will let your mobile application deliver what is expected and will make it stand out amongst the other applications.